Reducing Poverty

Valuing social justice goes beyond City Hall.

Hand Up Initiative

Mayor Cranley’s Hand Up Initiative is putting low income Cincinnatians back to work at living wage jobs. The poverty rate has been reduced by 5% over the past two years and the Hand Up Initiative is part of the reason why.

Launched in 2015, Hand Up is a mechanism to alleviate the burden of joblessness and poverty affecting many Cincinnatians. By helping those who are out of work attain employment and move their families toward self-sufficiency, the Hand Up Initiative is improving the economic outlook for local families and helping to break the cycle of poverty. The Hand Up Initiative involves the City partnering with best-in-class job readiness programs. Since May of 2015, over 900 participants have graduated the Hand Up job training program and 455 have successfully been placed in jobs.


Child Poverty Collaborative

Mayor Cranley is the convener of the Child Poverty Collaborative, an initiative designed to address the unacceptable rates of child poverty in Cincinnati. The Collaborative is a large coming together of nonprofit leaders, business leaders, faith and healthcare leaders selected to represent Cincinnati’s diverse community. They are working to build and implement a community-driven, data-informed action plan to tackle this issue.

The goal of this effort is to move 10,000 kids out of poverty in five years.