John’s Priorities

True leadership means having a clear vision for the future. Having served as Mayor for the past few years I have seen what works, what doesn’t, and what still needs to be done. These are my priorities for our future in Cincinnati.

Let’s keep growing.


Safer Communities

I am committed to reducing gun violence and building neighborhoods where people feel safe. We have added police officers, invested in their technology and partnered with other jurisdictions to combat gun violence. This must continue to be a priority for the City.

Vibrant Neighborhoods

We are matching our dollars to our rhetoric of investing in neighborhoods and we'll continue our work to ensure the success of all of Cincinnati's vibrant neighborhoods.

Reducing Poverty

In 4 years our city will show the nation how communities can come together to make real opportunities for those born into poverty, giving hope to the ideals of the American dream. We won’t be a leader in child poverty, we will be a leader in poverty reduction.

Access to Healthcare

We are working to create public-private partnerships to protect the health of our citizens, to hold accountable those who have helped fuel the opiate crisis while treating victims and reducing dependency.

21st Century Transportation

We need a public transit system that provides more service and helps those that need it. A progressive transit plan that will integrate buses, the streetcar and Lyft, uber and taxis.

Basic Services

From increasing the amount of road paving and maintenance to investing in new street sweepers and increased green spaces, and from adding firefighters to ending brownouts – I am committed to building a city where the basic services on which you depend are prioritized.


We have vastly increased the number of contracts going to minority businesses, changed laws to protect those in the LGBT community and prioritized issues that affect women and families. We fight for equality for ALL.

Green City

I am committed to making our city greener and more environmentally friendly. We will move to 100% renewable energy by 2035 and I will continue to fight for clean air, water, and soil here in Cincinnati.

Economy & Fiscal Responsibility

We will continue to grow the city in the same way that we balanced the budget and solved the pension crisis.