Mayor Cranley's Record

Mayor Cranley's number one priority has been safety. During his term in office he has increased police overtime visibility, ramped up the activities of the City's gang unit, added over 100 police officers to the force, and collaborated with the U.S. Attorney's office to bring more cases against those who commit gun offenses.


Additionally, Mayor Cranley has worked with the Fire Department to end fire station brownouts.


Over the last three years Mayor Cranley helped to negotiate deals that have brought over 6,000 new jobs to Cincinnati. Among the companies adding jobs in Cincinnati have been GE, Mercy Health, Kroger, and Messer Construction.


Mayor Cranley has worked to improve fairness in city contracting. He led the effort to create the Office of Economic Inclusion and to implement recommendations from a study on how to be more inclusive of African American and women owned businesses. This work has led to the City increasing the amount of contracts awarded to African American owned business from $2 million per year to over $17 million in 2016.


Mayor Cranley has initiated a number of programs to benefit our neighborhoods. These programs include: 1) A blight reduction plan, 2) an infrastructure program that has increased road paving and repair by 50%, and 3) ending the one trash can policy that was leading to illegal dump of trash in our neighborhoods.


Additionally, Mayor Cranley's budgets have included significant investments in neighborhood projects like the College Hill business district, Avondale Town Center, and Westwood Town Hall.


Mayor Cranley has launched two major efforts to reduce poverty in Cincinnati. The first is a job training program called the Hand Up Initiative that helps the long-term unemployed gain full-time employment. And the second is the Child Poverty Collaborative, which is a community wide effort that is working to bring 5,000 families out of poverty over the next five years. This work has helped reduce poverty in Cincinnati by 5% during Mayor Cranley's term.


Mayor Cranley has gotten the City's fiscal house in order. He has passed the first structurally balanced budget in over a decade, eliminated the $800 unfunded liability that our pension system was facing, and gotten the City's credit rating upgraded.

Paid for by Cranley for Cincinnati - Helen H. Black, Treasurer