Mayor Cranley is leading major initiatives to further Cincinnati’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Among these initiatives Cranley announced a plan to transition Greater Cincinnati Waterworks from coal-powered energy to solar. The first phase of the solar project will consist of a 25-megawatt solar array installed on over 100 acres of City land. The array will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25,000 tons annually—the equivalent of removing 5,000 cars from the road. The proposed solar installation is expected to be the largest municipal solar installation in the nation and will increase the total amount of solar in Hamilton County by an estimated 275 percent.

Standing Up for the Environment

The Mayor has joined a number of causes standing up to President Trump:


Green Cincinnati Plan

Mayor Cranley is also leading the effort to update the Green Cincinnati Plan to establish goals and strategies for significantly reducing regional greenhouse gas emissions and improving the local economy, public health, and quality of life through sustainability efforts.

Cincinnati is a leader in fighting climate change. In the last nine years, citywide emissions are down 18 percent and city government emission are down by 36 percent. Cincinnati also ranks second in the country for green jobs.

Mayor Cranley’s Record

Mayor Cranley has a lifetime record of advancing the cause of environmental justice:

  • Student Activism: As a student at St. Xavier High School, Cranley co-founded the school’s environmental club and led an effort to get students to use reusable lunch bags.
  • Wrote the City’s Clean Air Law: While serving on Cincinnati City Council, Cranley wrote the City’s current clean air law, and worked with University of Cincinnati law students to “address local pollution issues and complaints” without requiring any new spending.
  • Helped Lead Efforts to Create Office of Environmental Quality: Cranley cast the deciding vote to create the Office of Environmental Quality and as Chair of Council’s Budget and Finance Committee led the efforts to fund the office.
  • Invested in Bike Infrastructure: As mayor, Cranley led the efforts to launch Red Bike, personally negotiated and secured funding for the purchase of Wasson Way, and is working to secure the Oasis Bike Trail.
  • Leading to Improve Bus Transit: Cranley has appointed a majority of the SORTA board with the intent to pursue a comprehensive public transit plan with additional funding. The board recently voted to pursue a levy for the first time in 16 years. This didn’t happen in a vacuum, it came about because of Cranley’s leadership.

Mayor Cranley will continue to stand up and advocate for policies that protect our climate for generations to come and ensure that we remain a leader in this fight.


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