Economy & Fiscal Responsibility

Jobs and the Economy

Cincinnati has added over 7,500 jobs since John Cranley took office and we have invested in expanding our middle class. We have created and kept jobs in Cincinnati by working collaboratively with companies like GE, Mercy Health, Cincinnati Bell and Kroger. We have invested our economy with strategic projects around the city and we have strengthened the middle class by raising the minimum wage and implementing a City prevailing wage law.

Under Mayor Cranley’s leadership the City continues to attract new companies and new talent. The last three years have been the highest recorded construction permit values of all time —over $660 million annually—and have far surpassed pre-recession levels. Last year over 1,100 permits were pulled to build new residential properties in the City, more than doubling the amount of permits issued in all of 2015.

Since May of 2015, over 900 participants have graduated from the Hand Up Initiative’s job training program and 455 have successfully been placed in jobs.


Fiscal Responsibility

When Mayor Cranley took office, the City faced an $800 million pension liability and had been downgraded by the rating agencies for the first time in a generation. Within 3 years the Mayor shored up the pension, balanced the budget and earned an upgraded credit rating.

Mayor Cranley getting the City’s financial house in order with a balanced budget four years in a row.

Killed a plan to privatize the City’s parking meters that were being sold off as a quick budget fix, keeping millions of dollars per year in our general fund.